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Property Inspection Work orders

Property inspection is an initial step in any property preservation work. With a rise in foreclosures and people abandoning homes,ensuring the health of property has become a daunting task. To carry out the cost-effective property inspection, the property preservation processor ensures that the property is Vacant/Occupied and then proceeds to update the condition of the property into the client’s system. Since property inspection is one of the prior services of our company, we give 100% satisfaction with our particular working standards. The work of Property inspection is a very dynamic task that needs flexibility in the working proportions.

Property Inspection is a key asset to any form of Property work. To ensure cost-effective, high-quality Inspections, you need to assess the condition of the Property and determine its damages. An efficient Inspection requires detailed photographs of all aspects of the Property that require repair; should the condition of a particular area is not in a respectable condition, the Inspector must denounce the clients to avoid further damage to the property.

We can help you with your property inspections QC and processing them on the client’s site by completing the detailed PCR’s (Property Condition Reports) as we have a vast experience in EZ Inspections, Altisource, PK Management, InspectorADE, NVMS Inc., 24-hour field services, Wolverine real estate services, etc. Our expertise ensures that we deliver our clients with accurate data. Aloof, we verify and complete various types of inspections carried out by vendors and inspectors.

We Offer The Following Property Inspection Work Orders Processing Services

Interior Inspections
Access Denied
Vacant / Occupied
Exterior Inspections
Insurance Loss
REO Check Inspections
FTV Inspections
Bankruptcy Inspections
Monthly Quality Control
Delinquency Inspection
Bi-Weekly (BWI)
Contact/ Occupancy Verification

We’ve Proud Trusted Clients

We are loving all of the work that you guys do, Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises.

Christina Smith

I would like to especially thank PrezWizard Infotech for the excellent job done. It is your passion toward your job that bring us this far, this is what I truly believe. Well done and keep up great work. All the best!

Erik Ray

Over the year we have engaged a couple different client which based on property management but We have been pleased and impressed by the breadth of knowledge of each person we have interacted in PrezWizard Infotech. Your concern and questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and will be treated with patience and courtesy throughout

John Moore


We are ready to give you a free trail, in this we process your work orders as per the photos and place bids and completion's like Debris, lock change, damages etc and save the work order so you can review it to give you our best service and you can make a decision.