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What We Do

PrezWizard InfoTech is expertise in Order Processing, Quality Control & Data Entry of Property Preservation companies. We process Photo Documentation Before & After for several National & Regional Mortgage Field Service companies. We are trained in processing across all software platforms like Safeguard Vendor Web, MCS Vendor 360, Field-Comm, etc. Our data entry processors are well educated, efficient we work on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We process all types of work orders, like Grass Cut orders, Property Preservation, Winterization Orders, Snow Removals, Initial secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc. Bid processing, Quality Control & Zero Bill work orders. We also assist in Vendor Management, Work Order Import & Accounting for Work orders in Quick Books.

Our processor are capable to work on various projects with the experience team they can completing work orders, updating info on PCR in the client’s portal promptly providing clients bids as per the vendors mention as well as showing on photos and creating invoice as per work completion, bid approval or Trip charge. Apart from these services, we aim to offer your company with the right solutions for all your REO data processing/updating needs. We provide the services round the clock as per your comfort. We endeavor for your best interests by rendering adequate and satisfactory services to make your path to success more pleasant and contented.

We Offer The Following Property Preservation Work Orders Processing Services

Import the photos from the Website or FTP
Creating & Adding BIDS as per the Vendor notes & Photos
Labeling photos as per work order completion Before, During & After , Bid & other photos as per Bids
Accounting the Vendor/ Client pay in Quick Books, Blue Books, Repair Base
Export, maintaining, & Labeling the Photos as per the Work Order
Invoicing as per the price sheets


High level of Accuracy (99.9%)

We are always ready 24/7 on deadlines

We are experienced in all the processing tools

Submitting Bids as per client requirement to generate Approvals

Clients can have their work order in timely manner to improve score card

Dedicated and expertise team to Quick Turnaround all types of Project and work orders

We are here to save your additional cost and time

We will be become a your back office


Our Expertise

Always QC orders before submission

We Process every single types of work order you could have throughout every season

Dual Screen system for QC Team

Expertise team to Quick Turnaround all types of Project

Our expert processors are capable to operate any programs and any type of work orders and will ensure to complete the tasks within the deadline

Provide great bids to generate Bids Approvals

Orders processing as Image uploading Downloading and labeling, etc

Dedicated Team Leads & Internal Quality Review Team


We’ve Proud Trusted Clients

We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having it all unpacked. You guys have also been a joy to work with thus far... Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises.

Christina Smith

I would like to especially thank PrezWizard Infotech for the excellent job done. It is your passion toward your job that bring us this far, this is what I truly believe. Well done and keep up great work. All the best!

Erik Ray

Over the year we have engaged a couple different client which based on property management but We have been pleased and impressed by the breadth of knowledge of each person we have interacted in PrezWizard Infotech. Your concern and questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and will be treated with patience and courtesy throughout

John Moore


We are ready to give you a free trail, in this we process your work orders as per the photos and place bids and completion's like Debris, lock change, damages etc and save the work order so you can review it to give you our best service and you can make a decision.