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Property Management
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PrezWizard InfoTech

PrezWizard InfoTech has been working on Property Preservation and Inspection work orders processing since 2014 on the US market. Our expertise in providing data processing services to organizations performing multifaceted activities With the dedicated staff our goal is to provide Quality of work at low cost so our client will make profit as well as increasing their Score cards. We work with clients how required outsourcing work order processing and Quality control (QC) services to Asset manager, National & Regional Preservation and inspection companies. On behalf of property preservation and inspection data process safe and well-maintained with Quality and quantity.

The company Directors Rahul Ghatole has experience in the major markets across the world working in the outsourcing industry since 2014, We not only have in-depth knowledge of outsourcing but also know the drivers that impact the bottom line of customers. Our goal is to provide Quality of work at a low cost of current market price so our client will make profit. We are Trusted for 8+ years. We will work as a back office of your company and process your work orders so that you can save your time, money and increase your profit. We have a diverse team of talented & passionate ‘Data-Centric’ individuals with varied experience they are capable to satisfied client requirements as per their Project with 99.9% quality score. Our team is working 24/7. We work on behalf of property preservation and inspection data process safe and well-maintained with Quality of service. 

Budget Friendly

We offer services for all processing solutions with reasonable than market price that is extremely budget friendly​

Quick Support

We are available 24/7 in 360 days in a year to process your work order we never call off

Data Security

We maintain the highest standards in regard to confidentiality and security of client’s data.

Quick Turn Arround

We are expertise in work orders processing on various clients web applications and software's.


We Do It All

PrezWizard InfoTech is expertise in Order Processing, Quality Control & Data Entry of Property Preservation companies. We process Photo Documentation Before & After for several National & Regional Mortgage Field Service companies. We are trained in processing across all software platforms like Safeguard Vendor Web, MCS Vendor 360, Field-Comm, etc. Our data entry processors are well educated, efficient we work on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We process all types of work orders like Grass Cut orders, Property Preservation, Winterization Orders, Snow Removals, Initial secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc., Bid processing, Quality Control & Zero Bill work orders.We also assist in Vendor Management, Work Order Import & Accounting for Work orders in Quick Books.

"Client Satisfaction Is Our Achievement
We Do Believe In Work & Maintain Relationships & Trust "

Why Work With Us ?

Here, we are committed to provide every single types of work order you could have throughout every season.

We’re a great off-shoring organization solely prioritizing in property preservation process. We’ve been carrying out preservation processing for several years with our excellent team of processors. Our teams of processors are capable of handling different preservation sites. In case of customized site we will only require a walk through training to get familiarized.

We have been associated with property preservation processing for several years along with identify virtually any edges involving preservation process. We are well aware with preservation sites like LPS, MCS, MSI, Corelogic, M&M, Safeguard and FAS. We emphasis upon our clients complete satisfaction therefore we concentrate on providing quality processing on the appropriate schedule.

What & Where We Do Preservation and Inspection Data Processing

Our Strength

  • ✔ Low price, best quality and Service efficiency
  • ✔ We are available 24/7
  • ✔ We are capable to work on various projects
  • ✔ Over top communication via Email/Skype/Phone
  • ✔ We work as your Back Office so you can can save time, money and increase profit
  • ✔ We create as well as include bid using the vendor’s assessments
  • ✔ Update complex orders like initial secure, hazard damages etc

Processing Services

  • ✔ Property Preservation, Inspection and QC Processing
  • ✔ Initial secure work orders Processing
  • ✔ Interior/Exterior Debris Removal
  • ✔ Winterization work orders processing
  • ✔ Seasonal Yard maintenance
  • ✔ Bid Audit (CE) and QC Processing Service
  • ✔ Photo Documentation Before During & After

Our Expertise

  • ✔ 8+ Years of Experience
  • ✔ Dual Screen system for QC Team
  • ✔ Expertise team to Quick Turnaround all types of Project
  • ✔ Ready for remote training at your own condition and requirements
  • ✔ Provide great bids to generate Bids Approvals
  • ✔ Orders processing as Image uploading Downloading and labeling, etc
  • ✔ Dedicated Team Leads & Internal Quality Review Team


We’ve Proud Trusted Clients

We are loving all of the work that you guys do, Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises.

Christina Smith

I would like to especially thank PrezWizard Infotech for the excellent job done. It is your passion toward your job that bring us this far, this is what I truly believe. Well done and keep up great work. All the best!

Erik Ray

Over the year we have engaged a couple different client which based on property management but We have been pleased and impressed by the breadth of knowledge of each person we have interacted in PrezWizard Infotech. Your concern and questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and will be treated with patience and courtesy throughout

John Moore


We are ready to give you a free trail, in this we process your work orders as per the photos and place bids and completion's like Debris, lock change, damages etc and save the work order so you can review it to give you our best service and you can make a decision.